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9:00am – 4:00pm

9:00am – 4:00pm

9:00am – 4:00pm

9:00am - 4:00pm










Comprehensive and holistic specialists in diagnostic, rehabilitation, and treatment services provided in virtual and mobile format for a quick and easy turnaround.


Please send or text your email address to or 317-610-0166 so that we can get you started. BY PROVIDING US YOUR TEXT NUMBER, YOU ARE OPTING IN TO RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES FROM OUR OFFICE TO HELP WITH SCHEDULING AND MANAGING YOUR APPOINTMENT.  (You may opt out by replying STOP at any time).


IF YOU PREFER NOT TO RECEIVE ANY TEXT MESSAGES, PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY BY EMAIL OR CALL AND PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL TO OUR ANSWERING SERVICE OR STAFF. (All reminders and management of services will be sent to your email only if you elect not to opt in for text message reminders).

Written documentation of all communications (through email and text - the latter if authorized) is a policy and legal requirement for our office given the nature of the patients we see. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We will send you an invoice for the initial session (insurance information and fees below #8) and a link for your initial session. Thank you for your interest in our services.


Please send or fax your referral to or 317-571-0088, and our office will contact the patient/family. Thank you.


Per HIPAA and PHI laws, we cannot release information or communicate to third parties without a valid release of information. Please provide this information to or fax to 317-571-0088. Thank you for your understanding and adherence to protecting patient information.



10. Highest level of training.

You or your loved one's mental health and neurocognitive functioning is important.

Consider that:

A Masters level clinician receives 6 years of academic training after high school along with 500 supervised clinical hours of training.

A Doctoral level Psychologist receives 10 years of academic training after high school with 3000 supervised clinical hours of training.

A Doctoral level Neuropsychologist receives 10 years of academic training after high school with 7000 supervised clinical hours of training. In addition to the general training that a Psychologist receives, Neuropsychologists receive additional specialized training based on research that focuses on brain, behavior, functioning, and emotions.

A Doctoral level Lifespan Neuropsychologist receives 10 years of academic training after high school with 11000 supervised clinical hours of training. Lifespan Neuropsychologists receive additional specialized training in all populations (rather than just one for a general neuropsychologist: pediatrics, adults, or geriatrics).

Why not trust your or your loved one's mental health and neurocognitive functioning to a specialist with the most training?

9. Intervention and assessment based in science.

All assessment and intervention at CNS is empirically validated (based on science) to be the most effective means to meet your needs. Carefully constructed assessments and interventions that are proven to work result in the best outcomes for you. We offer many different services for all mental health, neurocognitive, and behavioral diagnoses for all ages as well as interventions designed to optimize functioning. Please see the services tab of the website.

8. Competitive prices and access to immediate care.

We truly value your mental health and wellbeing and understand the importance of receiving immediate care to address your concerns. As a result, we offer incredible flat rates deals on our services so you do not have to deal with the hassle or delays from insurance.

Initial Session (50 minutes)                                                                             Standard Rate $300 (- Flat Rate Discount $151) = You pay $149

Therapy Session/Consultation (50min)                                                          Standard Rate $300 (- Flat Rate Discount $151) = You pay $149

Mobile Therapy Sessions (we come to you)                                                   Standard Rate $300 (- Flat Rate Discount $151) = You pay $149*

          *Travel extra per hourly rate

Forensic (per hour)                                                                                           Standard Rate $500 (-Flat Rate discount $301) = You pay $199/hr

Brief Assessment                                                                                             Standard Rate $1500 (-Flat Rate Discount $851) = You pay $649

Comprehensive Assessment                                                                           Standard Rate $5000 (-Flat Rate Discount $3001) = You pay $1999

This gold standard of practice allows our patients to select the assessments and interventions they would like rather than being limited by insurance. Research shows that this method of practice significantly increases patient satisfaction and allows for faster access to care averaging 3 to 9 months faster than waiting on insurance. You will be provided a receipt (and report if applicable) so that you can file your claims for reimbursement - if you choose - at your leisure with your insurance company and their claims representatives.

7. Exceptional value and real results.

We have been blessed to have received training from many of the forefathers of new and empirically based interventions and assessment in the field of neuropsychology as well as direct students of the founders of neuropsychology. Supervisors who have trained our providers are currently on staff at Harvard and are training physicians there to employ the same level of quality services. All of this pedigree and training yield much more effective results for our patients. Over the decades we have been in practice, we have a 98% improvement rate measures through objective evaluation and/or patient report.

6. Easy access.

Through the use of technology, we offer educational, interactive, and effective assessments and interventions. If you have access to a computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone then you can participate from the comfort of where you choose. No more commute to an office. No more extended waiting in a doctors waiting room. You will receive on time services at your convenience.

More exciting developments are underway and will be noted once they become finalized...

5. Holistic integration.

There is a reason why assessments and interventions provided by other providers are ineffective. This is due to a lack of integration from a holistic model and an over-reliance on subjective measures which have a very low level of validity (ability to correctly identify the underlying problems). We utilize a holistic method of objective integration which improves the validity of assessment and interventions by 300%.


4. Lifespan trained.

There are few providers in the United States and world wide that are trained and specialized throughout the lifespan. Most neuropsychologists have a specialty in one of three areas: (1) pediatrics, (2) adults, or (3) geriatrics. Lifespan neuropsychologists have specialization in all three which better informs their abilities to assess, diagnose, and treat individuals. If you are between the ages of just born to 120 years-old, we can see you.


3. You are not getting better.

Have you been seeing your providers or doctors for years with little or no improvements? Do your medications increase in dosage and number, but you still feel like you are not making the improvements you really desire? Are you seeing more and more doctors? Its not your fault. We can help by giving you the answers you need, rekindling your hope, and start working with you towards getting better. Our patients consistently report that they had wished that they had come to us earlier in their treatment and find the results to be awakening, informative, and helpful.

2. We love to help people.

We love to help people feel better, optimize their brains and bodies, enjoy life, embrace happiness, and find balance. We honor your process and struggle for growth and change. It is as beautiful as it is challenging, and we are glad to assist.

1. Love of learning.

We love to learn and grow with you. We are active in research, publications, and current literature. This is our passion, and it fills us with joy and gratitude to do what we love every day.  Congratulations! You stuck with it and made it all the way to the end. Lets get started together today!

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