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Comprehensive and holistic specialists in diagnostic, rehabilitation, and treatment services.

We are a neuropsychological specialty practice that focuses on populations across the lifespan (from birth to end of life - ages 0 to 120) for all cognitive, neurological, behavioral, and psychological conditions - including developmental, degenerative, and injury related.

Effective 4/1/2022, we will not be involved with insurance claim filling in order to reduce obstacles to patient care and significantly improve treatment outcomes. We will no longer accept Medicare or Medicaid coverage for services rendered through our office.


We believe that all patients should have the freedom to receive the care that they desire based on medical need rather than dictated by insurance cost saving policies.

Implementation of this new policy saves patients significant time when receiving appropriate treatment (3 to 9 months on average) and eliminates any obstacles or roadblocks to their treatment imposed by insurance.

As a result, we offer flat rates for services as specified in the NEW PATIENT INTAKE AND AGREEMENT. Patients can at their own discretion submit claims for reimbursement with their insurance companies as we remain credentialed and in in network with most insurance plans. Medicare/Medicaid plans may not be eligible for submitting claims for reimbursement.

Our Services:
  • Neuropsychological evaluation (including long term Covid-19 effects)

  • Cognitive Rehabilitation (including long term Covid-19 recovery)

  • Neurofeedback

  • Biofeedback

  • Personalized Psychotherapy

  • Forensic/legal evaluations

  • Sport Performance/Psychology

  • Health and Wellness

  • Pediatric Specialty Clinic (including but not limited to ADHD and Autism)

  • Adult and Geriatric Specialty Clinic (including but not limited to ADHD and Autism)

  • Hospice and Palliative Care

  • Gifted Enhancement

  • Pre and Post Surgery evals

  • Research

  • Doctoral and Post-Doctoral level training

All patients MUST begin with and fully complete the NEW PATIENT INTAKE AND AGREEMENT form.
  • Please follow the instructions provided in that form. Based on the services you choose; you may need to complete additional forms. 

To use our fillable forms, you must download the form. Then, you MUST open the documents in your PDF viewer (not web browser). Here is a direct link to install a free PDF reader if you do not have one: 

Begin Here To Download Your:

For Comprehensive or Forensic Evaluations Only Add This...

Additional Release of Information

New Patient? Start here

Our services include cognitive and psychological optimization for individuals who are doing well but would like to enhance their performance or lives. We offer the following:


As a health care provider, we remain open, and we continue to follow the best practice guidelines to protect our patients and staff.


N95 or better masks are required at all times while in the office.

Only those who have scheduled appointments will be admitted in order to protect patients and staff. 

We do not recommend, nor will we accommodate dropping off paperwork or payments at the office outside of your scheduled appointment. 

Prior to your appointment, please make sure to thoroughly review all provided information in preparation for your appointment. 


Providers wishing to make a referral:


Please send the referral and relevant information to our HIPAA complaint and secured email or fax to 317-571-0088.

We abide by HIPAA and PHI standards and cannot release nor communicate with any third party without a valid signed release to do so by the patient or legal designee. 


Once the referral is received, our office will coordinate all scheduling and treatment. Results will be provided (with a valid release on file) once the evaluation process is complete. 

Please include your payment with your forms

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